The Master’s degree (Integrated Research for Advanced Chemistry and Materials, IRACM) provides a 2-year program in Chemistry Sciences (organic, inorganic, and physical Chemistry) at a high level, Fully taught in English.

The aim of the IRACM master’s degree is to train students in research through hands-on research, with improved integration into laboratories.

The main themes of the MASTER are materials, colloids (formulation), photosciences, catalysis, nanomedicine and environmental chemistry.

The Masters lasts two years.

In M1, all the fundamentals of chemistry are reviewed (organic, inorganic, analytical chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, computational chemistry) and new concepts are introduced via the Nanomedicine, Nanocolloids, Smart materials and chemical strategy for sustainability options.

In M2, modern chemistry topics are covered through lectures, practical work on highly advanced characterization techniques, and emerging themes such as artificial intelligence applied to chemistry.